Friday, March 12, 2010

Rolling Stoppies tips...

here you go dude:
You will need a good front tire. i don't care who makes it as long as it sticks. It needs to have the proper air pressure in it, and you need to have forks in good working order. Also note this will wear on your steering head bearings, and make a not to lovely noise when the rear tire hits the ground if you still have the bike in gear. It makes less noise if the bike is in neutral.

Start out at whatever speed you like, keeping in mind the faster you go the less of a rush you will be in as you have more speed, and hence more time to work with.

What you want to do is to get the rear off of the ground without shocking the front tire. You want to get your speed to whatever you want it, pull in the clutch and down shift to first, then squeeze the brake lever. you want to feel the bike's nose dive. It should dive smoothly, not all at once. Keep in mind you do NOT want to shock the front tire, you want to transfer the weight of the bike onto the tire smoothly. when the front end is dived down you will want to roll into the brake lever. When I say "roll into" I am meaning to squeeze on the lever progressivly harder and quicker.

You will feel the rear end lift. Then it's time to smile. It is easiest to do at about 40mph or so. At that speed you have enough time to transfer the weight to the front tire with out scrubbing of so much speed you have nothing left to lift the bike with. Best bet is to pratice it several times soft and easy. It is more important to be smooth on the brake lever than anything else. A quick grab at the lever when the tire is warm will usually get the rear end up, but it will be much harder to controll / ride out.

Make sure you are forward on the seat, and your crotch is up against the tank. Once you get the smooth brake lever thing figured out you can add speed and rear tire height to it and ride them for longer. I will warn you though if you get it up too high while going fast (over 40mph) the front tire will try to tank slap and thats a bad thing. If you started a stoppie out at 80mph then the rear tire would not be coming off of the ground until about 65mph, you see what I am saying. make sure you are transfering the weight onto the front tire smoothly. It is much easier to controll that way, and you can work you way up to better and better stoppies with less fears of crashing.

Be forwarned, sometimes the tire will lock up on you. Sometimes even after the rear tire is off of the ground. It is no big deal just roll off of the brake lever. Smoothly. If you drop the brake lever and tense up you will cause yourself problems.

Bike Stunts

Bike Stunts sometimes referred to as simply stuntriding, is a motorcycle sport characterized by stunts involving acrobatic maneuvering of the motorcycle and sometimes the rider.It involves the rider doing various risky moves within the bike.Some of the basic Bike Stunts are Wheelie,Stoppie and the all time famous Burnout..
Bike stunting is considered to be as old as Motorcycles itself but it took it's pace in the early 1970's. Those were the starting days for motorcycle stunts like Basic Wheelie,Stoppie(Also known as an Endo).But now-a-days stunts have become a common thing among Bikers. Give any good biker a decent bike and he/she can do a basic burnout. It has become a hip-trend among young bikers.
Stuntriding has also set it's grounds in Nepal as well. Many aspiring stuntmen are slowly emerging in the stunting scene of Nepal. Because of the heavy influence of international senario, Nepalese bikers have started the trend as well. But it hasn't been long since stuntriding captured the Nepali Hearts. Since the last five years bike stunting has been growing here. A major reason for this trend is the only bikers website in nepal known as The website has been of great help to many bikers.
But stunt riding comes with it's own danger. It takes lot of practice and patience to learn and master the various stunts. This has also been categorized as one of the deadliest urban sport. Safety gears and a helmet for the rider is basic requirement for stuntriding.And since bikes are heavy and don't have much safety they should never be done without medical supervision and all safety gears.
Though Stunts seem easy at the first glance they are very tough to maneuver. Here is the list of some basic but famous Stunts of all time !
Basic Wheelie — Lifting the front of the motorcycle off the ground by means of either power or use of clutching the bike into a wheelie. There are many variations of the basic wheelie.!
Stoppie — Lifting the rear wheel of the motorcycle using momentum and braking force. Also referred to as an Endo.
Biscuit Eater — Stoppie with the rider's legs over the handlebars. Also known as the "highchair endo".
Burnout — Using the power of the engine and braking force to cause the rear wheel to spin, heating the rear tire and producing smoke.
Suicide Burnout — Burnout with the rider dismounted and standing in front of the motorcycle.
Christ Stand — A stunt performed with the rider standing straight up on the seat or tank of the motorcycle with both arms extended while the bike is in motion. Also called a "Jesus Christ" or a "Cross".
De activator — Riding a wheelie on idle and jumping off the back of the motorcycle.
Note: It is advised to all to not try doing Bike Stunts without medical and professional supervision.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

High quality motorcycle fairings for:

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Biker Nepal holidays

Bikersnepal offers some of the most exciting and scenic off-road tours in the Hills and Mountains. We have a wide network of highly capable bikers in the Kathmandu valley, Pokhara, Lhasa ( Tibet ) etc. Head out with the experienced and knowledgeable guides on terrain including single track, cross country, uphill, and downhill riding depending on your ability.

Our holidays are intended for cross country (XC) riders of all levels and capacity. We have special guides to show you the best routes to suit your preference. Whether you are an expert or a novice, we create an environment where you can feel comfortable.

You may choose to do your own thing or take our guidance. If you wish to make use of our off-road guides then we will show you all the trails which are usually out of sight of the public and give you a fantastic week of exhilarating ride.

We offer you tours and trips with real adventure. Rely on our long time experience and let us organize your vacation the way you like it. Traveling, lodging and food - we can plan your trip from start to finish.

Who are we???

Bikersnepal is a group of young, energetic off-road bikers who have pioneered the off-road biking in Nepal . It has fulfilled the need for an active representation for the off-road biking, and for an organized, responsible attitude in the practices of off-road bikers.

Bikersnepal focuses on accessing new routes with breath taking panoramic views that surround the valley and provide the perfect backdrop for the rides. Bikersnepal takes you to places where no other normal bikes have journeyed before. Be it One-to-One or One-to-Two or Group off-road tour, with Bikersnepal you can feel the excitement, encounter the thrill and the adventure which would be absolutely hard to forget.

Bikersnepal specializes in off - road tour holidays, weekend breaks and one day rides for those looking for real off-road rides. You may come along and experience off-road tours in your own bike or hire one from us. Bikersnepal has a pool of fully trained and professional tour guides who will escort you on all the off-road tours. They are dedicated and have passion for the sport and commitment to provide all the riders, beginners as well as experts, full guidance and support during the tour.